Listen to The Strokes Capitol Theatre show

Events Capitol TheatreThe Strokes played Capitol Theatre in New York on Tuesday 31 May 2016. Sirius XM aired the concert and thanks to Bloodslide over at The Strokes subreddit you can now listen to it.

Note: The video may be blocked in your country, it is in the UK. So if you can’t watch it then you can download the concert below.

Download the MP3 of The Strokes Live at Capitol Theatre, New York (31 May 2016) [Right click save as]


The Modern Age
Threat of Joy
What Ever Happened
Under Cover Of Darkness
Alone Together
Ask Me Anthing
You’re So Right
Evening Sun
Drag Queen
Trying You Luck

  • Leandro Abreu

    It is so nice to see this blog, as well as The Strokes is live through all these years!

    Keep it up!