Early reactions to The Strokes new record Comedown Machine

The Strokes Comedown MachineFull reviews of the new album are probably still a month or so away but it seems like journalists started receiving their copy of Comedown Machine today. Some early reactions on Twitter (via mateja at The Strokes News)

Jenny is Deputy News Editor at the NME.

Jim writes for Shortlist magazine.

Niall (who admits he dislike Angles) is Q magazine reviews editor.

Ben writes for The Fly

So it seems like this album is very 80s (which is no surprise) but also a lot of fun! Also some people who didn’t like Angles that much seem a lot more positive already. The 80s style will probably continue to divide fans especially those who dislike One Way Trigger but I am more intrigued than ever to hear Comedown Machine.

  • who else died raise your hand

  • Kurt

    Thnx for the credits to The Strokes News!

  • holy shit can’t wait i need this album now, why can’t they send me a copy i’ll give it a good review

  • Can’t die yet, not till i’v heard the new album

  • Valerie Minnette

    i’m dYING

  • Mario

    Stupid Strokes, just give me the album already, Ill writea review about it every hour of the whole year if you do….

  • aaa

    don’t be a dick. Go and make your own album and also create the best band of the last 10 years. Have you heard it yet?